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A trip to Top Shop for our lucky winner


This month we have a guest blog from Katie White, winner of our Amy Green competition, thanks Katie!

I was so excited the night before I was going to London to have my prize. I had to get up quite early in the morning to get on the train for London. The train journey wasn’t bad – slept most of it! Once I had arrived in London I was so excited, we got on the tube and headed straight to Oxford Street. We had arrived! We were a bit early so before we went into Topshop we had a look in other shops on Oxford Street.

We started to look round Topshop to see if there were any clothes that caught my eye, and I saw a few that I liked very much. We went over to the Style Advisors bit of Topshop. I sat down on the sofa and met Debbie, my style advisor. She asked me what I was looking for and took down my dress size, then we both went off and looked for clothes that I wanted to try on.

Debbie had come back with some clothes and so had I, so we went through the clothes and I started to try them on. Some of the outfits that didn’t work we put to one side, Debbie was lovely, giving her opinion about what looked nice on me and what didn’t look great. After I had tried on everything, Debbie gave me her thoughts on the best outfits then I went through them and picked the ones I was going to buy. I had bought some black leggings, a long red cardigan, two dresses that could be worn over leggings and a dress.

After we had done all the shopping we got to eat in the restaurant called EAT, the food was really nice. Then when we had finished we carried on around London, visiting Selfridges, Harrods and lots of other shops before ending the day in Covent Garden. Overall the day was loads of fun and I was so glad I had won the prize – I was really happy with all of my purchases and the rest of the day was great too.


Katie, winner of the Amy Green competition

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  • 01/09/2009
  • Hi Katie,
    Glad you enjoyed your day - it sounds fab!
    Best, SarahX

    • by Sarah Webb
    • 20/10/2009
  • Do you have any special offer or incentive to purchase full set of books?

    • by Liz
    • 01/01/2010
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