Free downloads

Age 3 and under

Walker 30th Party Pack - activities and games

Maisy Party Pack - activities and games

Guess How Much I Love You - activities

Maisy – activities and games

Milo Armadillo – knitting pattern

Ten Little Fingers by Helen Oxenbury  – book feature

Ten Things I Can Do To Help My World – activities

There Are Cats in this Book – knitting pattern

Tilly & Friends – activities

We're Going on a Bear Hunt – teacher's notes, activities and more

Yummy – recipes

Hooray for Fish - Teacher's Notes

I'm the Best - drawing activities

On the Road with Mavis and Marge - activity sheets

Age 5 +

Mirror - Teacher's Notes

Nature Storybooks – poster

Nature Storybooks – teacher's notes

Where's Wally – activity pack

Flanimals - activities

MoshiMoshiKawaii - activities

Play the Shape Game - activity sheets


Age 7+

Cairo Jim – quiz

The Goffins by Jeanne Willis – dictionary download

Glister – activities and games

Judy Moody – activities and games

Judy Moody - Chatterpack for libraries

Scream Street – fun and games

The Sisters Club – activities

The Tale of Despereaux – Chatterpack for libraries

Teach Your Granny to Text – videos

Vermonia – 'How to Read Manga' factsheet 

Indie Kidd - activities

Poppy Love - activities

Operation Robot Storm - activities and games

Pearl - Teacher's Notes


Age 9+

Bloodline series – Katy Moran letter to readers

Poppy Fields series – detective pack

Girls FC - how to be the perfect player

Girls FC - World Cup activities

Mission Telemark activities

Tha Magician's Elephant magic tricks

The Magician's Elephant teachers notes

The Magician's Elephant reading group guide


Age 12+

Amy Green – activities

Gaia Warriors  teachers' notes

Wasted - Poster


Age 14+

The Ask and the Answer – podcasts

Rights of the Reader – poster